Our Services

Administrative Support Services

A. Audit Profile:

We specialize in Asset & Wealth Management industry of Australian engagements for both listed and non-listed entities, where the business operation deals with Managed Investment Funds and Superannuation Funds. Below mentioned are the list of activities we perform:


B. Data Entry Profile:

Outsourcing data entry services can help achieving substantial cost savings; the company would also get benefit with accurate and precise data in making decisions. Every business be it a small or large generates transactions on a day to day basis whether it be financial or non-financial which ends up being a part of the final position of the business.

For any organization’s data management, the data entry is the basic and crucial part, which is a very tedious & time-consuming job. So, leading organizations have found the solution by outsourcing the task. Below mentioned are list of services we perform:


C. Finance & Accounting Profile:

Taking into consideration the volatile dynamics of our global economic system, it has become a precondition for every business to consolidate their non-core financial services to ascertain a competitive edge. Today, CFOs across the globe seek out accounting outsourcing firms that can assist them in reducing the company’s operating costs, increasing profits and establishing benchmarks for superior governance and conformity to regulations. That is exactly why the majority of them outsource accounting services to a third party company. Our services include comprehensive maintenance of books of records including management reports and statutory financial statements. Below mentioned are the list of activities we perform: